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Renaissance School of the Arts provides students with education in the visual and performing arts, along with academics and an exciting STEM program. We believe that a creative and diverse environment which emphasizes the arts, helps students in all areas of their education. Although the majority of our students are homeschooled, participation is welcomed from students of public and private schools as well.

RSA is a unique school with an eclectic mix of professional instructors and talented families. We welcome members and instructors without regard to race, religion, culture, creed, sexual orientation, or ethnic background. We foster an atmosphere of creativity, fun, acceptance, integrity, and celebration of our unique differences and talents! We believe that all students should be encouraged to find and utilize their own talents and gifts.

RSA operates as a private, non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, and is located in Hampton Roads, Virginia.


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Renaissance School of the Arts (RSA)

Student/Member Code of Conduct

updated 5-11-17


While attending RSA classes and events, I will:                                                           

  • Obey all rules established by RSA and all local, state and federal laws.                                                 
  • Conduct myself in a courteous manner and be respectful of the authority of instructors, adult volunteers, parents, teen leaders, and others in leadership roles.                                                   
  • Not use, accept or carry alcohol, drugs, or tobacco (including e-cigarettes/vaping), associate with or remain in the presence of others using the substances on RSA grounds or during RSA events.
  • Know that the possession or use of firearms are prohibited.
  • Will not bring food or drinks into any class without the instructor’s express permission.  
  • Will not use my cell phone in any RSA class without the instructor’s express permission. Instructor may require that cell phones be left by the door when entering the classroom.
  • Respect all persons, facilities and vehicles. I will be responsible for any damage caused resulting from my behavior.
  • Help others have a pleasant experience by making every attempt to include all participants in activities.
  • Use appropriate language and dress appropriately for each event.
  • Refrain from any type of intimidation, harassment, or bullying (including cyber-bullying) through words or actions. Refrain from any kind of physical violence against another person. I agree to report any of these issues I see to an Administrative staff member.       
  • Be in the assigned program area (for example: classrooms, designated community areas, etc.) at all times. I will not leave the premises of RSA on Tuesdays without signing out at the front desk. If I am 12 or younger, I will not leave the premises of RSA on Thursdays without a parent/supervising adult. If I am 13 and over, I will not leave the premises of RSA on Thursdays without my parent/supervising adult’s permission and knowledge.  

By registering, I acknowledge that RSA is an arts school. Photographs, video, etc are taken on RSA days and special events. I agree that these images may be used for RSA purposes.  No names will be published on-line without permission.