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2023-24 Membership info, Renaissance School of the Arts, Hampton Roads, VA

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Renaissance School of the Arts offers a wide variety of classes for all ages, plus social activities, performances, yearbook, annual teen semi-formal dance, graduation ceremony, and more.

RSA's 2023-24 Registration is now open for new and returning members. Class enrollment is now open for all registered families.


We're so glad you're interested in joining RSA! Please start by going to the "Home" tab to find out more about us and how to register. If you've already completed the 2023-24 Family Application, please continue with the form below to set up your member account.


Renaissance School of the Arts provides students with education in the visual and performing arts, along with academics and an exciting STEM program. We believe that a creative and diverse environment which emphasizes the arts, helps students in all areas of their education. Although the majority of our students are homeschooled, participation is welcomed from students of public and private schools as well.

RSA is a unique school with an eclectic mix of professional instructors and talented families. We welcome members and instructors without regard to race, religion, culture, creed, sexual orientation, or ethnic background. We foster an atmosphere of creativity, fun, acceptance, integrity, and celebration of our unique differences and talents! We believe that all students should be encouraged to find and utilize their own talents and gifts.

RSA operates as a private, non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, and is located in Hampton Roads, Virginia.


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Renaissance School of the Arts (RSA)

Student/Member Code of Conduct

updated 7/17/2023

RSA does not have custodial or maintenance crews. RSA requires that each member cooperate to keep our facility clean, quiet, and orderly. It is very important that all RSA members realize we should demonstrate respectful behavior for our peers, our instructors, and for our host facility. The following rules of conduct are required from RSA members. Students, parents and instructors should read these carefully. Parents are responsible for their own children’s behavior and must ensure that they are acting in accordance with these rules.



  • While it is not expected that every student will include every other student in their social activities, students are expected to be kind and respectful to every other student. regardless of age, sex, disability, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, or belief system.
  • All language, dress, books, music, games, digital content, and any other media/materials used at or brought to RSA will be PG family-friendly.
  • Members are to conduct themselves in a courteous manner and be respectful of the authority of instructors, adult volunteers, parents, teen leaders, and others in leadership roles.
  • All parents are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and their own children. Teens attending without a parent on Tuesdays are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • There is to be no playing in the restrooms.
  • There are many in our community with food allergies. Please clean up all food after lunch, and wash your child's hands, particularly if they will be in class with a friend with allergies. Do not bring food or drinks into any class without the instructor’s express permission
  • Members may not climb the trees or run behind the bushes, and must respect our facilities' landscaping and plants, and not run or play in the parking lot, and take care not to damage vehicles.  
  • Members are to refrain from any type of intimidation, harassment, or bullying (including cyber-bullying) through words or actions. They are also to refrain from any kind of physical violence (or threats of) against another person. Members agree to report any of these issues they see to an administrative staff member or supervisor.
  • Students are not to go into any class in session, they need to wait until the class is dismissed. 
  • Members are to be in the assigned program area (for example: classrooms, designated community areas, etc.) at all times, and not leave the premises of RSA without signing out at the front desk.



The following items are prohibited at all RSA events, functions, or regularly scheduled classes:
  • Tobacco products (vaping included) *Adults: please note that our rental facilities may have additional rules around tobacco use on their property.
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs
  • Weapons (including guns, pocket knives, etc.)


RSA is a family-friendly learning and socializing atmosphere.

All RSA members, children and adults, must not use language that is vulgar, offensive, or derogatory

We understand that families have different standards for language at home, but while at school we need to respect our rental agreements and the fact that this is a group activity with a wide range of members.


Public Displays of Affection

Student couples are encouraged to make responsible choices regarding sexuality. When they are together in public, however, they have a responsibility to others as well as to themselves to conduct themselves appropriately. Public displays of affection are unacceptable when they embarrass or make others uncomfortable. Examples of such behaviors include, but are not limited to, extended kissing or hugging, lying or sitting together inappropriately, and placing hands on each other in inappropriate ways.


Sexual Behavior

At school and related events, students are expected to treat one another with dignity and respect. We encourage students to make responsible decisions regarding sexuality and to consider the consequences of their decisions in terms of their health, their relationships with others, moral considerations, and the law.


Cell Phones

All RSA students are asked to keep cell phones in their bags, purses, backpacks or pockets throughout class times, unless otherwise given instructor permission. Phones must also be silenced to prevent disruptions.


By registering, I acknowledge that RSA is an arts school. Photographs, video, etc are taken on RSA days and special events. I agree that these images may be used for RSA purposes.  No names will be published on-line without permission.

Payment Instructions

To pay your Family Membership Fee, please go to the Family Registration Fee page (fee amounts are shown there).  You can either pay electronically or mail a check.