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February 18 - Tuesday

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February 20 - Thursday

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February 25 - Tuesday

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Our end-of-year show!
Our end-of-year show!
One of our student MCs for the evening
Suzuki Violinists
ASL students
Dance Adventures!
Hip Hop!
Elementary Music Class
Show Choir
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The Class of 2019!

Welcome to Renaissance School of the Arts!

New families are welcome to join throughout the year. Please email with questions or to schedule a visit. 

  • Review the 2019-2020 class schedules for Tuesdays (high school only) and Thursdays (all ages), as well as for private lessons and offsite classes.
  • Set up your family membership account by clicking "Join" in the top right corner.
  • Pay your non-refundable family registration fee (the link to "2019-2020 Family Registration Fees" will appear after your membership is approved).
    • The family registration fee is $150 if you are a new member joining in January 2020.
    • The family registration fee is per family, not per student.
    • Families pay instructors monthly, beginning with the first class session in September. Class fees and supply fees can be found in the class descriptions.
  • Sign up for your weekly job! The link for available weekly operations jobs will appear after your membership is approved. All families are required to sign up for one weekly job on Tuesday or Thursday that helps to run the day-to-day operations at RSA, as well as at least one special event (for example, helping with a lunchtime fundraiser or helping with refreshments at a recital).
  • Register for classes! (Please allow 24 hours after registration fee payment and weekly job signup)
  • Click on the "Class Registration" link.
  • Classes are organized into four grids: Tuesday Classes, Thursday Classes, Off-Site Classes, and Private Instruction.
  • Click on a class name to read the description, get monthly fee and supply fee information, and register.

About RSA:

RSA offers classes in the visual and performing arts, as well as some classes in STEM and other academic areas.  Classes meet in the Crittenden area of North Suffolk (Thursday classes for all ages, and Tuesday classes for high school students). Students are welcome to join RSA throughout the program year. 

Note:  Tuesday is a drop-off program; on Thursdays, parents are required to stay on site while their children are attending their classes.


More About RSA

Renaissance School of the Arts provides students with education in the visual and performing arts, along with academics and an exciting STEM program.  We believe that a creative and diverse environment which emphasizes the arts, helps students in all areas of their education. Although the majority of our students are homeschooled, participation is welcomed from students of public and private schools as well. 

RSA is a unique school with an eclectic mix of professional instructors and talented families. We welcome members and instructors without regard to race, religion, culture, creed, sexual orientation, or ethnic background. We foster an atmosphere of creativity, fun, acceptance, integrity, and celebration of our unique differences and talents! We believe that all students should be encouraged to find and utilize their own talents and gifts.

RSA operates as a private, non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, as a branch of the Rainbow Foundation for Family Education, and is located in Hampton Roads, Virginia.